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The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-30-2023

Woody Game Wednesday 11-29-2023

It Comes With a Whole Lot of Baggage; Tell Me This Dude Who Totes an Incredible Package!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-29-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Crunch-cancelling software for Doritos; Family Feud contestants were screened for herpes; The tool bag lost in space is now visible with binoculars; The White House Christmas tree was knocked down by high winds; Woody Game Wednesday; Woman finds a finger in her salad; Susan Smith is up for parole; Man on a cruise gets bitten by a spider and it lays eggs in his toe; Eating more popcorn may lower dementia risk; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-28-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Pop-Tarts Bowl edible mascot; Giving Tuesday; A man has chopsticks stuck in his nose; Travel Tuesday; Space flight could exacerbate erectile disfunction; Companies are trying to lure workers back to the office by installing giant Christmas trees; New world record: the youngest member of Mensa; North Koreans losing hair because of their hats; Foo Fighters could not curse on stage during performance in UAE; We are taking baths that are too long; Woman has to wear a prosthetic nostril; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-27-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Today is the last day to eat your Thanksgiving leftovers; TSA recovers knife hidden in bread; Cool Beans Remix; Streaker on It’s a Small World at Disneyland; Cyber Monday shopping; Christmas Tree Syndrome; Three year Life at Sea cruise cancelled because they have no ship; The average number of books Americans read in a year; Woman posts on NextDoor about a teenager ringing her doorbell; Dog food in the oven causes a Thanksgiving fire; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-21-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Snoop and the smokeless stove; Because of the use of weight loss drugs, people will eat less and talk more; Woman mistakenly receives 133 boxes from Target; Thanksgiving travel/Black Friday tips; Gas prices are down; Eating ship worms; Wayne Brady car accident and altercation; USPS price increases effective in January; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-20-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: The President will pardon two turkeys today; Drew Barrymore on SNL; Cool Beans’ garage anniversary; Kim Kardashian introduces a nipple bra and Green Peace is not happy; Cool Beans Remix; Woman banned from Carnival Cruises for bringing CBD gummies; What your McDonald’s order says about you; People stealing items at the self-checkout; Man hires women for a “medical” study; How not to defrost your turkey; Napoleon’s hat; And so much more!

The Woody and Wilcox Show for 11-17-2023

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: David Letterman will be on the Late Show as a guest; New Ted series; Fun With Football Audio; Sideline reporter made up reports during football broadcasts; The Friday after Thanksgiving is not just Black Friday, it’s also Brown Friday; Soon you will be able to buy cars on Amazon; Costco selling kegs of Fireball; Snoop Dogg is giving up weed; Chick-Fil-A is testing drone delivery; And so much more!

Fun With Football Audio 11-17-2023

Things that sound dirty when taken out of context from football broadcasts.

Nikki Bozeman 11-17-2023

Nikki Bozeman, wife of Carolina Panther Bradley Bozeman, talks pregnancy, cameras, and Carolina Holiday Light Spectacular.