Quite Possibly The Best Burp/Fart Combo Ever On T.V.

It has been a mission of our show to always bring you the times someone rips one on TV. Farts on TV used to happen more when Larry King was still doing his show, but now we have a NEW KING of passing gas, and that king is Wendy Williams. How can we crown her the king, because of the past and because of this beauty. Wendy Williams was in the middle of a "Kim and Kanye rant" yesterday when she let out a burp-fart combo. That's right...we all got a two-fer! There's no doubt about the burp, but she may deny letting one rip. (She has done that in the past) Either way, she immediately apologized.

And you remember LAST TIME this happened, she denied it with the help of some poor stagehand who concocted some story about an air tank, a fish tank and some hose that they didn't have. Check out this weak story here: