Toxic Relationships

The past few weeks I've been doing a 'relationship cleaning' (almost like spring cleaning, but with people) and damn does it feel good to cut toxic relationships OUT!

It's hard to distinguish the difference between a toxic friendship or relationship, especially if you've been raised in emotionally toxic environments or have always been surrounded by toxic people. When you're around such toxicity, ALL the time, you don't feel worthy when you build healthy relationships with people. But I'm here to tell you, you ARE worthy.

It wasn't until recently that I set a standard for people to be a part of my life; whether it's a friend, significant other, or even family member. I had to set that standard for my own mental health. Being around people that constantly stress you out, cause you anxieties you shouldn't have in first place, or manipulative people that like to take advantage of you, is NOT healthy, and it drags you down. And when you're being dragged down mentally, it takes a physical toll on you as well. If you've ever experienced legitimate depression, you know how it feels to be constantly tired, not want to get up and chase your dreams, have low self esteem, and have every tiny insecurity embed themselves deep into your brain.

From personal experience, these are the personality traits of toxic people, and they are red flags telling you to CUT THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE! 

  • Manipulative behavior such as guilt tripping, trying to cut you off from healthy support systems, pointing their own toxic behaviors out on you which therefore makes you question your sanity.
    -Most of the time, manipulative people do these things in acts of 'protecting' you from outside sources, when in actuality, they are basically trying to make you a victim of Stockholm Syndrome 
  • Making you feel bad when your dreams and goals are your top priority
    -If a friend, significant other, or family member is getting mad because you are chasing your dreams and building your future rather than spending every given second with said person, they aren't going to be of benefit to you in the future. They are a weight you need to free yourself from.
  • They are never wrong
    If have someone in your life that think they are never wrong, can't take constructive criticism or argue with you until the sun rises over something they are CLEARLY wrong about, you need to say BYEFELICIA. Ain't NOBODY got time for THAT!
  • Drama follows them everywhere they go
    No matter how hard they try to justify that it's other people that are the problem, they are the common denominator of the constant drama that lingers at every step they take. 
  • They lie, OFTEN
    Toxic people have no issue with telling lies, no matter the size. Their lies benefit them in their narcissistic ways, which makes it very easy for these type of people to justify any lie they tell. Their happiness and well being is more important than anyone else, and they will lie and deceive to get what ever they want.

These are just a few red flags to look out for with the people you surround yourself with in your day to day life. Cut the toxicity out! I PROMISE you, you'll be so much happier in the end when you finally decide to cut toxic, stressful people out. After I finally decided to remove the leeches of stress and drama, I felt free again. Just calm, collected, and stress free and I've never been happier. Any person who is honest with you, encourages you to achieve your goals, and can communicate with you and talk out problems without blowing it out of proportion, is a person you want to keep close. Someone who is there without the drama, the negative energy, the manipulation. Surround yourself with those people. ♥

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