Yes, I Change My Hair like you Change Clothes.

I've been wanting to change my hair again SO BAD I cannot even emphasize it.

I usually change my hair every month or two because I get bored with it easily. You know when you finally do something then ALL OF A SUDDEN everyone AND their mother starts doing what you did? And then all you can think of is how everyone started doing what you did after you did it first? That's how I get with H A I R.

I like to stand out, be above the norm, and not conform to societies expectations of beauty or perfection. I love and embrace being different, hence why I change my hair so frequently. Sure, not EVERYONE likes colored hair. Not EVERYONE likes edgy haircuts. Do I have edgy, colored hair to impress anyone? Nope. Do I do it to set an impression? Yes, why yes I do.
I want to be remembered as the person who ISN'T scared to do anything. Someone who is vibrant, and loves to go to extremes. My soul is adventurous and my personality is corky and fun but inviting. I want someone I just met to be able to match my unique appearance with my one-of-a-kind personality. Having crazy styled or colored hair makes you stand out, and it helps people to remember you.

If you were wondering if it's expensive....

Lets just say my wallet isn't very happy with me right now. Hair maintenance is expensive if you're doing it the right way. I usually spend anywhere between $40-$150+ dollars on my hair per month, depending on if it needs colored again or if I just need to get more products and a quick trim. Now, if I decide to go back to a more 'normal' hair color, I'd be saving a ton of money. But to me, having hair that stands out is worth the cost. 

These photo's below will give you a little taste of what I've done with my hair the last 2 years alone. 

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