National Beer Day

  Well, well, well...It was National Beer Day over the weekend..  

I've never been the girl to want mixed drinks or shots or any froo-froo tastes-like-candy hang over in a glass. I've always been kind of a beer snob. I mean, we DO live in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest is known for our high quality breweries, especially Washington State! We have one of the largest craft beer scenes in the United States, so our beer varieties are seemingly endless.In Spokane, there's a couple different places I love to go for my craft beer. 

Steady Flow Growler House has been one of my favorite places to get my growlers filled. Their beer selection is absolutely amazing and they are continuously getting new stuff in to try, so you never get tired of their selection. It's also a very welcoming environment in Steady Flow; I've never once felt uncomfortable or rushed while I'm in there. The owners and employees are lovely people; I highly recommend this place to any beer fanatic in Spokane/Liberty Lake area!

Iron Goat Brewing is another place that has some of the best beer selection in town. They have this one beer that is my absolute FAVE in the summer, called Gruffs Goat Tripel. Has hints of fruity notes and is a fairly smooth, light finishing beer for having an alcohol percentage of 10.5. It makes all of my taste buds dance with joy with every sip and it's really hard to find good beers you can always go back to. 

There's another place I regularly go to, owned by the same owners of Manito Tap House, The Blackbird is one of my favorite sit-in restaurants because not only is their food mouth-watering good, but their beer selection is phenomenal (probably because it's correlated with Manito Tap House). My favorite thing to do is go in their during their happy hour, grab one of their specialty burgers, a basket of their garlic herb fries, and have a few beers. Nothing compares to deliciously, greasy food with a few IPA's to leave you feeling grand!

All in all, National Beer Day isn't JUST about all the delicious craft beers we have throughout Spokane; you can't forget about the under-dogs! When I'm not feeling too hoppy, I do like to have a New Castle or, if I'm on a budget, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Every beer has to be appreciated on this glorious day!

What are your favorite breweries, brands of beer, or restaurants/bars for their beer selection?

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