I met my FAVORITE Comedian

So.... I finally got to meet my favorite comedian.


And let me tell you, I'm surprised I don't have a six pack after laughing so hard. Not only is he probably one of the best comedians known to man, but he's actually a really nice and down to earth guy on top of being absolutely hilarious.

If you DON'T know who Craig Gass is, he  is an American actor, comedian and impressionist known for Craig Gass: The Worst Comedy Show Ever. He is known for being able to impersonate all sorts of actors and celebrities, including Gene Simmons and Christopher Walken. 


Something I didn't even know until last night, his whole family is deaf. So he learned how to speak by mimicking voices on TV (hence why he is so good at impressions). My personal favorite impression that he does is his Gene Simmons impression. Which, funny enough, Gene Simmons actually flew up to be on the Howard Stern Show back in 2001 for an interview to finally meet the person who has been impersonating him on air. He sounds so spot on to Gene Simmons that it literally sounds like Gene is talking to himself. If you want to watch, click here! It's worth it ;)

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