Get to know: Tana

If you've been wanting to match a face to the person you hear from Midnight to 6am as well as 7pm to midnight on Sundays, here I am! Raw, unfiltered, clumsy at times personality, at your service. If you were looking for anything close to perfect, you're in the wrong place. But I embrace being perfectly imperfect, as most people should. NO one is perfect, except possibly my dog, Omen. Which, speaking of, you have yet to meet!

This blue eyed beauty is my fur-child, Omen. This dog saved my life when I adopted him 3 years ago. At the time, I was going through one of the most troubling, patience testing, and dragging times of my entire life. This goofy spirit saved me in ways I didn't know I needed to be saved. He taught me what unconditional love really is, taught me that there's more to a dog than four legs and a wagging tail. I hear all the time 'a dog is a mans best friend' or 'diamonds are a woman's best friend'. I'm here to tell you that is the most backwards phrase I've ever heard. My Omen, my baby, my best friend: He is what pushes me to be better, so I can do best for him. I will never get tired of him waking me up to kisses or a cold nose on my face. And to be honest, this fur-baby makes me laugh harder than most people with his random 'talking' he does or the derpy doodle actions he takes on a day to day basis. I thought I rescued him, when really, he rescued me. 

You'll definitely be hearing more about our adventures in the future! For now, it's time to get back to getting to know me!

I'm passionate about a few things, like painting, poetry, and long walks in nature, absorbing the fresh crisp air with each breath I take. The one thing that absolutely melts all of my stress away, the one thing that re-centers my equilibrium, is singing. If you knew me two years ago, I wouldn't DARE sing in front of anyone because I was so scared of judgement. You know those beady eyes of judgement from all around that make you feel like they are staring directly into your core, that just shake you in an uncomfortable way? THAT feeling? Yeah, that USED to be something I was scared of. 

An old friend of mine introduced me to a little hole in the wall pub that has some of the best Karaoke selection in town. To be honest, the first time I ever sang I didn't want to take it seriously, and I had the longest day of my life. You know what I chose to sing? Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit. After doing an embarrassing performance of that I didn't really care what anyone else thought, and like my KJ Jody had said : "Most people are too drunk to remember anyway, so why not?" and that is what finally broke me out of my shell. Now, singing brings me peace and comfort. Now, I sing anywhere from Audioslave to Alicia Keys. And now, not only am I behind a mic in my free time, but I get to talk on air for the best station in Spokane on Sundays, and it really brings warmth to my once shivering soul.

One last subject that has a major influence of making me who I am, is my father being active duty in the Army for 22 years. With that being said, we moved every year to 3 years, depending on how long he was stationed in certain areas. I've lived everywhere between South Carolina and Hawaii (literally), which left me with some of the most, and some of the worst experiences in my life. I will say that moving around to a new state as frequently as I did made me more versatile. I was able to make friends quickly and it forced me to be outgoing, because when you're the new kid almost every year at school, you have to be that way or you end up not having any friends at all. 

Growing up I hated moving as often as I did because I dreaded having to leave my friends that I worked so hard to gain and having to completely rebuild over, and over, and over again. But now, looking back, I really cherish the memories I made being able to travel all over the country because of my dads career. I even got to live on the Island of Oahu for a couple years, and that was probably my favorite experience. Hawaii is such a beautiful, serene place. Sitting on a beach, absorbing the warmth of the sun, feeling the softest sand I've ever felt underneath your feet, the fragrance of the salty ocean breeze. I don't think anything could ever compare to the amount of peace I felt living there; being ten to twenty minutes away from a beach no matter where I was.

Now you know a little about me! Now you can put a face to the voice you hear, and have a general idea of who I am! Don't forget to rock out with me on Sundays ;)

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