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Texas Strip Club Offers Curbside Entertainment

I guess you could say, they definitely found a creative way to keep doing business during the pandemic.

The Vivid Gentleman's Club in Houston has set-up a drive-thru service to offer its "traditional form" of entertainment.

This is the first strip club in Texas to offer curbside service.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the venue installed a massive tent outside with steel barriers separating drivers from dancers underneath the tent, along with neon lights and loudspeakers.

Some of the performers wear masks, but they are all socially distanced from cars.

Drivers can enjoy the show for a total of 2 songs while they wait for their food to be cooked.

Then, they can leave tips on the pavement.

The strip club's GM said, "I think we're essential to the people we employ here to support their kids and whatnot. They rely on us; this is how they make a living. I do think we're essential."

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