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Cat Proves He Definitely Has 9 Lives

Poor Oscar the Burmese cat just wanted to curl up and take a relaxing nap.

Turns out, it was anything but relaxing.

The owners of the 2-year-old cat in Australia say the washing machine was empty when Oscar crawled in. 

Unfortunately, the husband didn't notice the cat curled up when he loaded the washer with some sheets and hit the start button.

The wife soon heard strange meows and traced them to the washing machine - which was filled with hot water.

"The poor little cat had his hands on the glass as he was doing the rotations and he was looking at me. It was tragic."

Even though the wife raced to rescue Oscar, she had to wait two minutes for the washer to drain and unlock its loading door.

They took the cat to the vet right away and he only had some bumps and bruises. Luckily, no serious injuries at all.

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