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This past week was crap. 

I'm exhausted. I work two jobs and run an Etsy shop on the side. I've got a heart condition that keeps my heart going in the fat burn zone about 15 hours each and every day. People have been trying my patience and pushing my buttons all week long and I just can't get a moment to myself.

The one thing that gets me through weeks like this one?

Four long hours in the dance studio on Friday. One hour of my own dancing, two hours of wrangling littles in dance classes, and one hour of yoga to wrap it all up. 

I started doing yoga about 4 years ago, pretty basic stuff. I can finally touch the ground with flat hands in a forward fold and reach behind my head to grab my foot in pigeon pose.

But acro yoga is a fairly new endeavor. 

My dance instructor got her teaching certificate for yoga this past summer and I've been attending her yoga classes after dance since. One day when it was just the two of us, she asked me if I'd like to try something new and fun. 

Thus began my exuberant experience with acro yoga. We dove straight in with some flying, hanging leaf, and throne pose. We did that a few times and I even got my friend and coworker Brynn to try some as well. 

But today, today I became a bat. 

And then a walnut.

(But bat sounds way cooler so forget the walnut part)

I also fell a lot, but hey - what's new? 

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