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It's easy to get caught up in the big city life while traveling, but there's just something about Home that feels just right. 

As I walked around Downtown and Kendall Yards yesterday with my friend Hector, I was struck by a grand appreciation for our city. 

It's SO GREEN here. We're not only surrounded by nature, but entwined with it. We have a river and falls flowing straight through the middle of Spokane. I look outside my Downtown apartment window and all I see are trees. Another friend told me the other day that we have more foliage on Spokane Boulevard than he has in his entire city in New Mexico. 

I ventured down to the bottom of the Falls for the first time since construction was completed (yeah, I know I'm a bit behind) and I took a moment to take in the majesty of water crashing around me. 

Sometimes you just need to be a tourist in your own city. 

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