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We here in the PNW loooove our pine trees.

I grew up on 10 acres of pine forest outside of Spokane. My childhood was spent among the trees, my brother and I climbing them and building a fort out of broken limbs. The times we were yelled at for tracking pine pitch into the house cannot be quantified. To this day, pine trees after a rainstorm remains to be my favorite scent. 

Seriously, my apartment smells like a freakin' forest with all of the pine candles and essential oils.

SO IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I walked in to Sweet Peaks Ice Cream in downtown Spokane and see "Chocolate Pine" on the menu. WHAT.

Chocolate ice cream with pine extract. That's right. 

Heaven in a waffle cone.

I don't know who thought of it, but I think I'm in love with them.

I owe it all to my pal Hector, really. We were hanging out and taking some photos when he said "Hey, have you tried that Sweet Peaks ice cream place yet?" I had not. 

So we went. And it changed my life. 

Cheers, Sweet Peaks. Here's to you, to pine trees, and to Hector for always managing to get photos of me shoving food in my face. 

Note to Sweet Peaks: Please don't ever get rid of Chocolate Pine or you'll be personally responsible for my crippling depression. Don't be responsible for my crippling depression.

Rad photo by Hector Aizon. Check out his rad Instagram here

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