Everybody has "their" holiday. The one that brings them unadulterated joy. For me, that holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. And now that it's March, GAME ON. 

From my 2014 trip to Ireland

I'm not talking about green beer & leprechauns here. That’s child’s play. 

I’m talking about cottage pie, Tullamore Dew, and smashing out some jig steps to live music at O’Doherty’s. 

This is when I start burning my Lucky Shamrock and Irish Cream candles and go buy another shamrock plant to replace the one my cat ate on March 19th last year. Soda bread baking in the oven, tomes upon tomes of Celtic legends littering the coffee table. I greet everyone with an enthusiastic “dia duit!” - followed by an explanation that it’s Irish for “hello” and yES IRISH IS THE LANGUAGE, GAELIC IS THE MOTHER LANGUAGE FROM WHICH IRISH SCOTTISH AND WELSH DERIVE.

Okay, so I’m just describing my normal, every day life all year long. But at least for the next two weeks, people don’t think it’s that bizarre to have a Irish fairy tale tattoo sleeve.



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