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Allison the Awko Avocado

My name is Allison and I am positively dreadful at talking about myself.

Photo by Hector "Zeroni" Aizon

You may have noticed a random voice pop up on your radio lately. Or maybe you haven't, because it's always in the ungodly early hours of Saturday mornings. That's cool, too. 

That voice would be me. 

So I thought that I should probably introduce myself. Here goes: 

  • I have more cats than is socially acceptable
  • My mother once referred to me as a "potato whore"
  • I own so many books that they have their own room
  • Napping is my favorite pastime
  • I'm an Irish dancer, and no, that's not "like a leprechaun"

Say hello and follow my musings on @AllisonOnAir

Catch me on the airwaves 12am-6am, Saturdays on 98.9 KKZX

Xx Allison

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