2019 Boat Show at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center


Fri, Feb. 1  12pm–8pm

Sat, Feb. 2  10am–8pm

Sun, Feb. 3  10am–4pm

Mon, Feb. 4  12pm–8pm

Tue, Feb. 5  12pm–8pm

Wed, Feb. 6  12pm–8pm

Thu, Feb. 7  12pm–8pm

Fri, Feb. 8  12pm–8pm

Sat, Feb. 9  10am–8pm

For 64 years the Spokane Boat Show has featured the latest in boats and boating accessories from dealers around the Inland Northwest. If you're a seasoned boater looking for that next big step, or are new to boating looking to enjoy some of the most scenic waterways this country has to offer, this show is for you.

Over 50 dealers from around the northwest representing the newest model boats and boating accessories from around the country, all right in your own backyard! The Spokane Boat Show is sponsored by the Spokane Yacht Club. 


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