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I get it. You've been dreaming about that purebred pup your whole life. But hear me out.


Millions of loving and healthy mixed-breed dogs in shelters across the United States are desperately waiting for someone to adopt and love them. 

They sit in their cages all day, just waiting for someone to choose them. They jump and bark and whine when you walk by and you think, Oh, no. That one's too wild. They cower in the corners and you think, No, that one's too scared. They're too old or too loud or too shy to be the perfect dog.

But these poor pups don't know they're making a first impression. They ARE scared. A shelter is not a warm, loving place. They're jumping on the cage door because they just want OUT. 

Take them to one of the play yards and you'll find that the temperament of a dog in a cage is not an accurate measure. The dog who was jumping and barking is suddenly the world's biggest snuggle-bug. The dog who wouldn't come up to sniff your fingers is chasing a ball with the most profound joy. 

How many times have you walked past a shelter dog that might have been your new best friend? 

I've had nine dogs over the course of my life. All were adopted save Bubba, who just sort of showed up and adopted us. 

But one dog changed my life like none other.

Lucy Pupperdoodle is a Pit Bull/Jack Russell/Golden Lab that was adopted by my dad, but I took her in when she was 2 years old because she was just a little too much for him to handle. 

She's my partner in crime, my saving grace, my entire world. 

My life would not be the same if not for Lucy. In fact, it would probably be a lot worse. Her unconditional love and sloppy kisses have saved me more times than I could ever count. 

She's my best friend. 

Observe National Mutt Day by visiting a shelter; if you are unable to adopt a dog, you can always volunteer! Post on social media using #NationalMuttDay and encourage others to join in.

Shannon Steele

Shannon Steele

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