Spring(ish) Cleaning

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Oh come on, you know you haven't gotten around to it either.

What to Purge

Magazines. But the recipes! The DIYs! Tell me, when was the last time you ever remembered what was in a particular magazine after you tossed it in the stack? If you really love a recipe or a project, find it online and give it a Pin and then toss the magazine in the recycling bin. 

Old and ill-fitting clothes. But I'll fit in these jeans someday! I haven't worn that shirt in four years but I will now! No you won't. Don't lie. Buy yourself some clothes that fit you NOW and get rid of everything you haven't worn in a while. Tip: Everybody has warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes - when you're pulling out your sweaters, donate any t-shirts and shorts you didn't wear at all during the spring/summer. Repeat for those long-sleeves you didn't wear come warm weather. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, THROW AWAY EVERYTHING WITH HOLES. 

Books/DVDs you haven't touched. But I love this one! Do you REALLY? What about those old textbooks in the corner that are painfully out-of-date? They're so easy to donate and I promise that you'll forget about it the moment it's gone. Keep only the ones that you will pick up again before that medium becomes obsolete. 

Expired products. Oh, it can't be that bad, right? Medications, skin care products, and makeup all expire. You probably (definitely) shouldn't put items that have gone bad on your face, skin, or in your body. And let's be honest, if you've had that moisturizer sitting in your medicine cabinet for a year and haven't used it, are you REALLY going to? 

Random cords and electronics. But what if I need it someday? REALLY? You're going to need that random charger with the funky tip that matches literally none of your devices? Chances are high that you trashed or sold the corresponding electronic device ages ago. Same goes for devices without a charger. If it's not important enough that you haven't bought a new cord yet, it's not worth keeping. 

What to Keep

Everything in your home should fall into one of two categories: Things That Serve a Purpose and Things That Make Me Happy. Pick up each individual item and really think about what it means to you. BE HARSH. Set aside items you just can't make a decision on - if you're still thinking about it when the whole process is complete, it may be worth keeping around. 

Let It Go

The #1 reason people keep unnecessary items is sentimental value. Allow yourself one shoebox for ticket stubs and trinkets and say goodbye to the rest. This way you can have your memories without all of the pesky clutter. Everything in the box should fill you with joy and nostalgia - don't waste shoebox space with things that don't really matter. 

Set a Schedule

Don't try to do it all in one day, that's just crazy. Focus on one room and day and really tackle it. Take everything out, give the room a clean, and put back only what fits into the aforementioned categories.
Then, KEEP THE SCHEDULE. Clean your kitchen every Monday, the bathroom every Wednesday, etc etc. 


Your home isn't the only thing that needs cleansing! Unfriend the people you don't actually talk to and unfollow the ones you're "just keeping an eye on." Cut ties with friends who only bring you down and surround yourself with those who love and support you. Work on getting rid of your bad habits and purge negativity from your life. 

Happy home, happy you!


Shannon Steele

Shannon Steele

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