Northern Pacific overpass restored

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Happy to see that the historic Northern Pacific Railway arch over Washington St got a full restoration this year!  As I heard, the City of Spokane put up the money, even though it's BNSF property.  Makes sense, as it's just a cosmetic improvement.  Still, I'm glad they invested in preserving a bit of our railroad history, with a nice paint job, curved light bar, and even an illuminated, black-and-red NP "yin-yang" logo in the center.  The red is a bit washed-out in these photos, as is the text, but it looks great in person.

It's amazing to think that for its first 30+ years in Spokane, Northern Pacific's transcontinental mainline ran through downtown on the same level as wagon/pedestrian/early automobile traffic.  From 1881, every train running between Ashland, WI and Tacoma had to pass through here: imagine the congestion as the city grew!  But by 1915 they elevated the line.  If only they raised it a couple more feet...or if certain truck drivers got a clue about the low clearance of the other overpasses!

Northern Pacific overpass center

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