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Palm Springs Has A Problem With Marilyn Monroe?!

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

The Palm Springs Art Museum is dealing with the hot topic of, Marilyn Monroe.

“I’ve lived here 25 years, and I think she’s great,” said Greg Robertson, a real estate agent.

The problem is there's a 26-foot-tall statue of her that was recently placed in front of the museum, which reproduces the famous Seven Year Itch photo of the Marilyn holding down her dress as it’s blown up by a gust of wind. That seems innocent enough if it wasn't for the fact that if you were to walk out the front doors of the museum, you would see right up her dress and her underpants can be seen on a giant ass.

“The statue does not belong where it is,” Catherine Mahon, a recently retired lady said. “When the deal was made, there was supposed to be a view of the museum, and it blocks the museum.”

The museum has not made any statements on whether or not they will respond to some of the backlash, so for now Marilyn still stands like a colossus before the entrance to the museum for all to see.

“Art is supposed to evoke an emotion,” resident Gil Rose said. “That does not. It evokes nothing. It evokes annoyance. “I don’t know that annoyance is an emotion,”.

Just for the record annoyance is a common emotion, so I guess its art?

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