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Hooptown USA Unveils Beautiful Mural Plans For Spokane Hoopfest 2021 Courts

Hooptown USA is unveiling its artist and mural plans for the basketball courts for Hoopfest 2021 and they're amazing! We can't wait for Hoopfest next year!

Here's the official press release from Hooptown USA:

Joshua Martel selected for upcoming Hooptown USA outdoor basketball court mural project at Riverfront Park. Local mural artist Joshua Martel has been selected to paint a mural in 2021 that will cover the multi-court complex currently being built as a central feature of the North Bank of Riverfront Park. Spokane Arts is excited to be partnering with Hooptown USA on bringing such an exciting large-scale addition to Spokane’s public art collection through this court mural project, envisioned as a celebration of the strength of both our local arts and sports communities. The North Bank area of Riverfront Park, currently under development, will include a state-ofthe-art outdoor court complex as well as a Hall of Fame public space celebrating the history of basketball in our region, a project partnership between the City of Spokane, Hooptown USA, and Spokane Parks and Recreation, and the Spokane Parks Foundation. Martel recently completed a court mural at Chief Garry Park, one of three Spokane Park’s courts selected for murals in the spring of 2020 as part of an on-going Hooptown USA project revitalizing courts throughout the region, with support from MultiCare Regional Health System and in partnership with Spokane Arts. Together the mission is to establish a mosaic of art and basketball throughout the region to inspire and encourage inclusivity, ultimately building healthier communities. Also as part of this project, Tiffany Patterson installed the court mural at Peaceful Valley Park, and Nick Goettling was selected to install a court mural at Thornton Murphy Park in 2021. In addition to his experience painting the Chief Garry court mural, Martel has completed over 50 murals in the past seven years since he began pursuing a profession as a muralist. Martel grew up in Coeur d’Alene and has spent time travelling the country developing his skills as a muralist. The Chief Garry court was his first major mural in the area, and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to paint the court mural at Riverfront Park. Martel was selected by a committee of project and community representatives, including Arts Commissioners, and representatives from Spokane Parks, MultiCare Regional Health System, and Hooptown USA. He had two designs in the top four design proposals shared with the community for public input in an online survey, along with designs by local artist Ben Joyce and muralist Ellen Picken. Both of Martel’s designs were popular with the public but the ultimately selected design, of a large colorful basketball with two hands holding the ball up, was far and away the public favorite. It was celebrated by the community survey respondents as well as the selection committee for being bold, graphic, inclusive, colorful, and inspiring. Martel credits the sports he participates in, and the communities within, as being life-saving opportunities for growth for him. He sees the Riverfront Park court complex as a place that “will be the centerpiece for basketball in Spokane, it will be where the community comes together to grow, laugh, and have fun.” Martel will be able to install the court mural in the spring of 2021 along with the help of several mural assistants. Construction on the North Bank facilities at Riverfront Park is currently underway. As with the other outdoor court murals in this project, paint for these projects includes added grit to ensure the court is safe for the primary purpose of playing basketball. All of the resurfacing work, painting, supplies and labor are being donated by Hooptown USA and MultiCare, with additional support from Spokane Arts, to benefit the neighborhoods and residents who frequent these Spokane parks.

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