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Night with Operation: Mindcrime

I have always been a fan of Queensryche, since the early days of their career. I have seen them in concert many times, met the band, their best selling album, Operation: Mindcrime was a staple in my life throughout college. Since then, the band has lost many of it's original members, and has parted ways with it's amazing singer, Geoff Tate. Court dates ensued, and Geoff reemerged with a band he named after the best selling album.

The performed at The Bing Crosby Theater the other night, so OF COURSE I had to go! The opening band was from the UK. They were called Syztem 7, were very fun to watch and had a great sound.

Then came the main attraction! Geoff Tate did not disappoint! Other than one member who seemed around my age, all the other band members seemed extremely young!! hahahaha. The guitarist was great, if only he could keep his tongue in his mouth, that got old real quick.

Geoff STILL had his fantastic voice, just the right amount of theatrics.....I was taken back to my college days and thoroughly enjoyed reliving the journey that album takes you on!

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