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Seattle Music Museum

Years ago I went to The Experience Music Project in Seattle. I spent A LONG time in there, could have spent longer. I love to learn about musicians, bands, music in general.

Recently, last weekend, my 12 year old son and I took a trip to Seattle and I was very excited to take him there. I learned the name had changed to The Museum of Pop Culture, but I was excited just the same.

It was cool....but VERY different than it was. Gone was all the info and cool stuff from lesser known Seattle grunge bands, Underground Seattle music Culture. There was now a big room of.......video games. A room of objects from scary movies, and a room of science fiction movies.

There WAS a cool section all about Pearl Jam, and a section dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix. A lot of cool guitars from cool artists.

My son was lovin the area where you could go in to a booth and play a guitar, a keyboard drums...sing into a microphone and do cool things with your voice. He kept going back to the section that taught you how to mix records.....he loved it.

It was a good visit. Not what I expected and I missed the old museum. Now that I know what it is now, I'll go with different expectations. We also missed the Prince Exhibit by a few weeks :(

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