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Cats rule the world

I grew up with a dog. We always seemed to have a dog around the house, man's best friend.

In the last few years my son and I decided that we weren't home enough to get a dog. Between work and school and sports (and my son's social life!) it just wouldn't be fair to the dog. Sooooo, we got a cat. Then we got another cat to keep him company.

What I have found is what most people already knew....cats and dogs are VERY different! I am utterly amazed at where my cat decide to sleep, or just lay down to rest. My cat Joey, loves to run up in front of me and lay down, like he'd been there forever. When I ask him to move...he just.....stares. A dog, would move...a cat, no dice.

Any time I move something around the house, the cats jump on it and lay on it. In this picture, for instance. I FINALLY got this wine barrel up stairs in my house. Wasn't a minute before Toby was up laying on it. What is that about?

Guess I finallly realized, cats really do rule the world.

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