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Every day as I drive to work, I get a couple of blocks from the iheartradio building, and I hold my breath. I come across a tent in the snow, where someone is residing. It's a daily reminder of lucky fortunate I am. I was tested a bit a few weeks ago when the temps were super chilly. The heat in the house my went out and we were roughing it until it could get fixed. It got down into the 40's in my house at some point. But still, as I drove to work after checking on the space heaters I had going to keep my pipes from freezing, I turned the corner and saw the tents....and felt fortunate. I have so much that others don't, and it would be silly to stress over 1st world problems....not enough time to get everything done in a day, pounds I need to lose, constantly buying shoes because my son is growing like a weed.

Lately, I've felt really fortunate.

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