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Free Entertainment at home

I was always a dog person. I had 1 cat growing up, but many dogs. So when my son and I were deciding on a pet, a dog came to mind right away. Unfortunately, we are not home enough, I feel, to be a good family for a dog. So, kitty cat it was.....

Since then, we have grown to a two cat family and boy to they play...and fight...and play.

It's very amusing. Cats are quite the interesting breed, like kids in some ways. It's kind of like the instance when you get your child a really cool gift, and they play with the box.Same with cats. You can get them the coolest toys, the ultimate scratch pads.....and they still go for the side of the couch. Now that's not funny....but finding things to block the couch, and putting down obstacles to get to the couch...is. Just ask my son. He did that last night, with our cat Joey who laid across his scratch pad and was kneading our couch. My son set his mind to block him from it, set an obstacle.......it was like a family game night!!!!

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