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30 Bigs in 30 Days

As of Friday, January 11th, 2019... there are 34 boys who are on a waiting list. Are they waiting for an Xbox 1? The latest video game?


They are waiting for a mentor. A man who will give up a couple of hours to play ball with, go to a movie, a sporting event, work on a science project with. 

It doesn't have to be every week, although that would be cool. 

Everyone has 23 hours in a day. It's how we CHOOSE to spend that time that is different. It's not that people don't HAVE time, they don't MAKE time.

I think it might seem like a bigger commitment than it really is. Going to a hockey game? Grab your little brother. It's a nice day and you wanna go to the park and shoot hoops? Grab your Little and be on your way? Hungry? I'm pretty sure kids like to eat to.

That's really the extent of it. If you are without children, have grown children, young, old, tall, short...these kids are simply looking for someone who wants to spend time with them.

Won't you please make the time! Call Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Go through the process. It'll change your life, and the life of a child.

Call 328-8310    ask for Ken.

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