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Parent Pride

There's all kinds of pride. Pride in yourself. In your car and your house. Pride in your accomplishments.

But then...there's a whole different level of pride...pride in your children.

I'm a late blooming parent, I had my son when I was 37 years old. It's true what they say, it's a whole new kind of falling in love. Also, a whole new kind of pride.

Yesterday I was sitting at a winter baseball clinic at Roger's High School, watching my 11 year old son. I was a little concerned, because he hadn't played in awhile. Over 1/2 of the kids (maybe 3/4ths?) were older than he was. But there he was, catching and throwing, batting and practicing. AND, there I was, getting a little bit teary about how lucky I was, how he is literally the best thing that happened to me. Even when he's being a pre-teen/tween pill......it's still true. 

Parent Pride......it's a HUGE thing

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