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Holiday decorating WAY before the holiday..

For me it depends on the holiday. I'm not a big Halloween person, so I could honestly care less about holiday decorations.

Christmas, tho? You are gonna hate me, but I'm an early shopper, actually I shop all year around. I like to enjoy my holiday. Not be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. 

There's the argument of stores cashing in on a holiday, trying to find ways to get you to spend money. But holiday lights make me smile, kids excited to see Santa warms my heart. Since giving gifts is my love language...OBVIOUSLY I'm gonna love this holiday. 

So as you are rushing around finding last minute gifts, cursing at the person who cut in front of you and took your parking spot......got ahead and think of me. It's ok. When you were complaining about Christmas stuff being up, I was getting my ducks in a row...getting everything ready. As you grudgingly go thru your shopping list, I'm watching a fire in my fireplace, cushy blanket wrapped around me, drinking hot cocoa with a shot of peppermint schnapps, watching the snow fall.

Don't hate me cuz I love Christmas.

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