Hidden Netflix codes are everything! Now you can watch all the things!

posted by Shannon Steele -

Ready for a new way to Netflix? 

We already know you can find out what your first Netflix binge was (aaahhhh young love)

And.... that you can now actually set Netflix to binge mode

But, wait!! There's even MORE! 

So, of course, just like everything else in life, there are hacks for Netflix!!  The rumors have been floating around FOREVER but now, there out there like a celebrity selfie.  

Yep, there are codes that you can use to unlock secret sub-genres, and content you never knew was there before!  Now, there's a new way to Netflix and Chill...

HERE are your codes...

Have fun this weekend with your Netflix and chill, just try not to end up with any "Chilldren"  ;)

xox Shannon



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