A dream come true: My interview with the LEGENDARY Carlos Santana!

posted by Shannon Steele -

Throughout my life, I've gotten to play amazing music all over the country, see performances of the greatest musicians in every genre, and once in awhile, I even get to interview some of them.  

It is rare, though, to get to talk to the likes of Carlos Santana.

In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked Carlos Santana as the 20th greatest guitar player of all time.  While I, personally, would rate him top ten for his music alone, as a man, he has meant much more to me in my lifetime. 

Carlos is a man of deep spirituality, who believes music can heal, inspire, and build bridges that can help people from all walks of life come together in one simple understanding: We are all human and deserve love, compassion, and equality, which is all so prevalent in his amazing music! 

We cover a little bit of everything in the interview below.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed my conversation with the one and only: CARLOS SANTANA 

xox Shannon 

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