Me + waiting for the doctor + Snapchat = goodtimes.

posted by Shannon Steele -

Yesterday I was forced to face an obstacle that we all must face from time to time: The dreaded doctor's office.  As I am an adult in full control of all my faculties, I behaved like the prim and proper young lady my mother raised me to be. Mostly....  Kind of.  Ok, not at all.  

But, at least I had fun.  Maybe a little too much fun.  Which begs the question, what on earth did we do in doctor's offices before smartphones and snapchat?

How did we ever imagine a world where I could become a semi-animated fuzzy bear begging a question of a fake magic 8 ball and recording it for you fine folks?  It's a mystery how we survived so long.

Gotta love technology

xox Shannon



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