What wearing glasses says about YOU!

posted by Shannon Steele -

I always prided myself on my excellent eyesight!  I know, this sounds silly, but I was REALLY proud of the fact that I could read signs from really far away before anyone else could decipher.  Hey, I don't have much, let me have this!

Until, it all changed.  My eyesight started to go, and I had to get the dreaded.... eyeglasses.  I was not a happy girl, as there is no way I'm putting contacts in!  My eyes are irritated as a general rule.  I suffer from a magnitude of allergies and a sleep disorder, so, red eyes have always been my cross to bear, and putting contacts in them just doesn't seem like a good idea AT ALL.  

Enter the article I just read about how people find those of us in glasses to be smarter, and more reliable! 

Hallllllllelujiah!  A light at the end of the tunnel.  So now, instead of dreading putting on my specs, I just convince myself that I look good, and others find me more attractive in so many ways!!

So, CHEERS TO YOU, all my four-eyed friends!!

woman making selfie


xox  Shannon :)  



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