Here's why you need to be paying attention to what STEVEN TYLER is doing!

posted by Shannon Steele -

Ok, I have been a HUGE AEROSMITH fan since I was just a wee little lass, and Santa got me a copy of TOYS IN THE ATTIC for Christmas (yeah, my Santa was probably better than yours, sorry not sorry) 

Over the years, I've come to love all things Aerosmith, and of course, ESPECIALLY STEVEN TYLER.  Last year that love grew even more.  Steven did something that hit home for me even more than the music he and his band created, he came to the aid of abused girls.

If there is one thing I think we can all take away from 2017, it's that there is an undercurrent of sexual abuse towards women and girls that goes far deeper than anyone seems to be willing to admit.  Tyler, a father of 3 girls understands the necessity of helping girls who are victims of sexual abuse.  He has decided to do something BIG about it!  

 Steven Tyler is doing his part to change that with his new project, JANIE'S FUND.  Although the Grammy's were celebrated formally in New York this year, Steven threw a party in Los Angeles and RAISED 2.4 MILLION to further his cause, a cause that really should be all of ours.  

Says Steven..

“The whole reason I’m in this is because I know what happens to a girl if she’s sexually abused at 14, sent out on the street to sell crack at 15, her mother has her hook at 16, she’s bringing johns home at 17 because she looks older,” he said before the event. “At 18 she’s left off at a bus station in Oklahoma, doesn’t know where she is or what’s going on. She’s broken. Now, she, for the rest of her life, has a problem with sex, has a problem with men coming on to her. There are men in America that murder people, they get caught with a gun in their hand they get seven f**king years! She gets 70 years. Seventy years of her life has been ruined and that f**king kills me. That kills me.”

I am so proud to be a fan of his work, and Steven the man himself.  You can read more about the fundraiser at Forbes, and more about supporting and donating to JANIE'S FUND HERE

We need to take care of one another.  This world is bigger than all of us, it is what we create within it, and I, for one, am incredibly grateful for the likes of Steven Tyler, and I WILL BE HELPING.  WILL YOU?  

Food for thought. Happy Tuesday  

xox Shannon :) 



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