Here's what REALLY HAPPENS during "GIRL'S DAY"

posted by Shannon Steele -

There are few traditions I love as much as a good old fashioned girl's day!  However, they don't USUALLY end up with me putting a new hole in my face, I'm sure glad this one did!!

My partners in crime, Sara Jean, Laura, and Ashley.  I don't know what I'd do without these ladies in my life, and I never want to.

It started off innocently enough!  Mani's and Pedi's for girl's day...  Then we got to talking.  SJ had just gotten her nose ring replaced, and Ashley and I both commented on how we'd always wanted ours done.  Then, the next thing you know....

Laura was the only one that got out unscathed!  Hahaha, but yeah we had fun.  We wrapped up with delicious dinner and drinks.  It was a perfect girl's day...  Maybe next time a stop to the tattoo parlor?  Hmmmm.......     

xoxo Shannon



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