The Grinch who stole my sammich!

posted by Shannon Steele -

I know this isn't a problem unique to my office, I'm sure you can relate, but WHAT IS UP WITH FOOD THIEVES?  

In the last few weeks, I've noticed a BIG uptick in things missing that I have carefully planned, prepared, and brought in for lunch!  Like most of us these days, I'm on a budget AND a diet, so bringing enough appropriate snacks to keep me satiated and out of my bank account is KEY, every day!  

Yet... some sneaky sucker is taking my stuff, and I'm fed up!  So, I posted on my Facebook page about it! 

I got some great suggestions on how to curtail the Grinch who stole my sammich, but I thought I'd try a few tactics of my own first...

Let's hope this works!  

Have a great day :)

xo Shan 



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