Time's "Person of the Year" and the #METOO movement...

posted by Shannon Steele -

So...  the silence breakers of the #metoo movement are the Time "Person of the Year"  it is great to see the Human condition overshadowing the hatred that currently leads our country.

I, like almost every woman I know, posted with #metoo because of the abuse I've suffered at the hands of several men.  "Friends", former employers and colleagues, and worst of all, my husband. 

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of a night I thought my husband was going to kill me. Yesterday was a very hard day, when I came to that realization.  That night he held me down, pinned my arms beneath his knees, climbed on top of me and strangled me with one hand while pinching my nose and covering my mouth with the other so that I couldn't breathe.  The man had 9 inches in height and at least 125 lbs on me.  It was a miracle I didn't pass out, and if he hadn't had to leave for work, there is a good chance I wouldn't have lived that night. He'd done it for years, and it continued for 10 more months until I finally left.  All told I put up with it for almost 14 years, believing that not only was it my fault, but that I deserved it. 

It's good that this has come out into the open, it's great that people who have been abused are feeling stronger and able to speak out, and it's important that we look out for one another.  

Be vigilant, be loving, and take care of one another.  Now, more than ever this is so important.  Sometimes people cannot stand for themselves and need your strength.  Be that strength.  

Be loving, be kind, and be protective of those you love.  




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