DON'T BE A SCROOGE! (or a Grinch, that's no good either!)

posted by Shannon Steele -

I used to work retail throughout high school and college, and I'm betting some of you did as well.  However, back in the dark ages when I was putting in time behind that register, it seems to me people were.....  well, nicer than they seem to be nowadays....  let's change that!

I'm sick of seeing angry people shopping for holiday gifts, it just makes no sense to me...  and we seem to be losing sight of what the holidays represent.  Let's take back the spirit of the season and remember that PEOPLE are the point, not material things.  

That person behind the register is working their butt off, and putting up with A LOT of attitude, and not a lot of gratitude.  When people are in a rush or agitated, the poor retail worker gets the brunt of it.  They, just like you, are simply there to do a job.  They are human, and they, too, are stressed during the holidays.  

I have already been nearly run over TWICE, and it's not even December until tomorrow.  Once, in a parking lot when one person wanted to snatch a parking spot before someone else (who had been waiting WITH their signal ON) could pull in.... and a second time I was caught between two women racing to get into line at a register who had just opened.  Have we lost our minds?

This season I'm choosing gratitude over greed, and slowing things down a bit.  I hope you join me!  Slow down and enjoy your holidays with those you love, and DON'T FORGET that those people working retail are people, too.  

Smile, and remember that how we treat each other is far more important that what we get each other <3

So remember, gratitude over greed, let's remember what is really important!  Happy Holidays to you!



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