Halloween at iHeartSpokane! ... and why I love my job!

posted by Shannon Steele -

It's no secret that working in radio is a fun job...   it can be demanding and hard work, but we definitely know how to have some fun.  Between a voodoo witch doctor,  poop emoji, fisherman, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a woodland nymph, and yes, even a cheeto-colored "45", we sure had some Halloween fun this year! 

My "Disco Diva" Halloween costume! (I didn't place, boo!)

My "Disco Diva" costume, no I didn't place :(  

BUT... Here's a closeup of the amazing makeup done for me by our winner, Tana!  Thanks, lady! 

Shannon steele makeup halloween 2017
Our costume winner!  Tana the voodoo witch doctor!

Our Spokane costume winner, Tana the voodoo witch doctor!

Crash as "45" ... He NAILED it!

Crash came in 2nd as "45" and he totally NAILED IT!

All our costumes! (we had to take it diagonally to get everyone in, there are closer pics below!

We had to take this one diagonally to get all our costume entrants in one shot! 

Half of our iHeart Spokane Halloween crew!
The other half of our iHeart Spokane Halloween crew!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween, we'll see you again next year, and I plan on winning, just so you know!  



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