The Led Zeppelin Experience

The Led Zeppelin Experience | Bing Crosby Theater                             

For over 15 years the Led Zeppelin Experience (formerly No Quarter) has been pounding the Hammer of the Gods to Led Zeppelin Fans both nationally and internationally.  This authentic Live Concert reproduction  goes far beyond any group of musicians covering the same tunes you've heard on the radio for over 4 decades. Any musician can learn a song note for note. However, to do a full tribute with all of the subtle nuances and authentic look and sound and mannerisms  is comparable to an actor preparing for a character in a film. In this case the characters are members of the Legendary British Supergroup. 

 The Led Zeppelin Experience captures the  characters of John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and brings each individual  member to the stage in their absolute Prime. Die Hard Zeppelin Fans and Rockstars they've shared the stage with  have sworn they were watching the real group live. Hence the word being spread that TLZE is "The Real Deal" when it comes to Led Zeppelin tributes.  

 Even Led Zeppelin's bassist John Paul Jones said after meeting Chad McMurray (Jones for TLZE), and signing a concert photo over his character commented,  "That's pretty scary", looking at the likeness of each character. "Now I don't have to worry about touring again with my band."

TLZE has been privileged to share the stage with Legendary Artists such as Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Molly Hatchet, Kansas, Steppenwolf, Nazareth, Tesla, Warrant, Jefferson Starship ,Eric Burden and the Animals, Eddie Money and many others.     The Led Zeppelin Experience is bringing back the magic of a True Led Zeppelin Concert to fans all over the world and the response has been overwhelming. 

From the first arena concert in September 2013, the groups Facebook fans jumped from an impressive 30,000  to ending the year with well over a Half a Million Fans. In early 2016, the bands Facebook account however was compromised, causing them to start over at square one reuniting with their fans.

Although starting virtually over from scratch one thing remains true, especially with the ever-growing fans on all their social networks, If you've never seen the real Led Zeppelin in concert, or if you have and want to relive the magic,  The Led Zeppelin Experience is as close as it gets to capturing the  Iconic British Rock Group Live. Their growing  ocean of fans will agree.

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