Something wonderful takes place every Wednesday in downtown Spokane. It happens every Wednesday no matter the rain, snow, high heat or freezing temperatures. It’s called Blessings Under The Bridge.

Blessings Under The Bridge is a group of people (founded by Jessica & Mike Kovac) who get together and feed around 250 homeless every Wednesday. Their mission is, “Through God’s truth, we endeavor to reach, bless, and offer unconditional love to the homeless and less fortunate by restoring hope, purpose, and dignity to the hearts and lives of those lost on the streets of our community and the communities around the world.”

This incredible organization runs completely off donations and they are looking for a helping hand. Whether you can donate your time, money or items like clothes and toiletries – they would appreciate it. A bigger item they are in need of right now is a new van to help transport tables, food and more. Sure the idea of van sounds expensive but if we work together to donate a few bucks, the amount would add up quickly!

To learn more about Blessings Under The Bride and to donate online, click here.