Zombies flooded the streets of Downtown Spokane Wednesday during a casting call for a new show called “Z Nation." Each episode of the zombie themed series being shot locally required about 100 extras. It was a dream job for some and presented an opportunity to be on television for others.

“It would be interesting to be a zombie in a movie for something,” one zombie actor said. “I never thought it would come true.”

The demanding process had prospective zombies rising from the dead for a chance in the spotlight. Actors arrived on set between seven and eight in the morning.  Some of them spent several hours in hair and make-up.

“They started off by putting on my prosthetics around my eyes here, and then cutting them off to make sure they look right,” a zombie explained.

Once they finished getting ready, zombies waited quietly to find out how they would act out their moment as a zombie.

“You’ve just got to follow their directions,” one said. “If they want you to attack somebody, then you attack somebody.”

All of the extras had done their due diligence studying the science of being a zombie.

“When you’re following a car you can’t just break character,” they explained. “You need to make sure you aren’t looking at the car, you’re smelling it.”

As far as the zombie walk, each of them had their own take on how to get it just right.  As glamorous as it seemed, being a zombie was not an easy task. A zombie’s day on set could last for several hours.