A Spokane woman claims she was stalked and attacked by a former Spokane police sergeant while he was on duty.
The woman did not want to be identified.
The former sergeant, Chet Gilmore, previously resigned after a non-criminal internal affairs investigation regarding another woman in early 2014. He admitted then to having sex while on duty.
Gilmore was supposed to be supervising detectives in the special investigations unit for sex related crimes. Months after Gilmore resigned, KREM 2 News learned the former sergeant might face criminal troubles in April for attacking and stalking a different woman.
The woman who claims to have been stalked and attacked said Gilmore told her, “It is going to happen and you're not going to have an option.” She said those words were regarding sex.
 She said while the two were never intimate, he still victimized her. She claimed Gilmore stalked her at work while he was on duty.
 “I would call my girlfriend who lives close and have her sit with me because I would be so scared he'd show up,” said the woman.
 The alleged victim claimed Gilmore had a way to find her on the rare occasions that she was alone. She said he once pulled her over and assaulted her in his Spokane police car.
 “So he said, ‘you need to get in my f’n car’ , ripped down my shirt, ripped down my bra, felt my breasts,” said the woman.
 The woman claimed Gilmore intimidated her into keeping quiet. She said he told her, “I know where you live, you better not say anything to anybody.”
 The alleged victim said she got the courage to take it to Internal Affairs investigators when word on Gilmore’s sex on duty surfaced. She said she was seeking counseling and said each day is a struggle.
 “When I tell the story, they can't even believe it,” said the woman.
 Spokane police said the stalking and attack incident has been investigated to the fullest. It is now in the hands of prosecutors.