The state has already gotten help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fight the devastating fires in Central Washington.

But the governor has yet to ask FEMA or President Obama for money to help people who lost their homes. 

The governor's office says they want to get as much help as possible as fast as possible but it's not a matter of just asking. 

For example, to get FEMA money for fire victims, the state has to prove that the fires had a significant impact on the community.    

If you look at the pictures - some 150 homes destroyed, businesses lost - it seems obvious.  Of course there's been a significant impact on the community. 
But the state has to check some boxes before it can ask the president to declare a disaster and get FEMA money flowing.
The disaster manager for the state emergency operations center says the state has to give the feds a full damage assessment of the properties, including how many were uninsured. 

It's hard to get that information when the fires are still raging - for a couple reasons. It's not safe for their teams to get into some of the places they need to go and the local emergency management people who can help speed up those assessments are already working in crisis mode.

So it's probably going to be late this week or early next before the request gets made.

With the Oso slide, it took nine days before the governor asked for a major disaster declaration.  

In the meantime, the state says it's responding to more immediate requests like getting generators up to Twisp, Winthrop and Pateros.