Complaints regarding a computer repair shop in the Spokane area are headed to the Attorney General's office.

KREM’s 2 On Your Side looked into the Spokane Valley computer repair shop when a customer claimed the shop suddenly closed and would not return a customer's computer. However, the owner of WKA Innovations said his business shut down a few months ago because he lost his lease.
Owner Daniel Baker claimed he only has about five computers left from past customers.  The owner claimed he has been trying to reach those customers so their computers can be returned.

Yet one customer claimed the owner's story is a lie. Jackie King had visited WKA Innovations before. She said she did not hesitate to go back when her laptop broke.

"They told me it was going to be $160, so when I could afford it, I got the $160 and went back in there," added King.

The business would only accept cash upfront according to King. She said she eventually received a receipt for her $163 payment and was told she would be contacted when her laptop was fixed.

King also said the owners told her they were closing their business office at Sullivan and Broadway, but would continue operating out of their Spokane Valley home.

She claimed that a couple of weeks passed when she realized she had not heard back about her computer.

King told KREM 2 News that she tried calling the business's phone number, but only got a recording that the voicemail box was full. That is when King began to worry.

"I want my computer because it's important to me. I have family photos on that computer that are super important," King said.

Baker said he has King's laptop because he said she still owes him an additional $80 for labor. He insisted he left four messages for her, but claimed he never heard back.

King argued that she never got any messages, and that her receipt has no mention of any remaining balance. 

KREM 2 News checked with the Better Business Bureau about the computer repair show. BBB leaders said WKA Innovations had at least 29 complaints against it before it closed in June.

According to the BBB, WKA Innovations "has a pattern of complaints concerning lack of response to customer concerns, customers feeling threatened by owner when they try to address concerns, additional fees charged beyond what was quoted and substandard parts used to fix the computers."

KREM 2 News asked Baker about those concerns. He insisted the complaints are just "misunderstandings."

Baker said he has made contact with all previous customers to let them know about remaining balances.

One those balances are paid, Baker said all computers will be returned.
KREM 2 News learned other customer complaints are now being forwarded to the state Attorney General's office.