The nation’s second legal recreational marijuana market is opening in Washington state Tuesday, but it might not be what voters expected when they legalized the sale of heavily taxed pot a year and a half ago. 

FEW STORES: The state’s Liquor Control Board plans to issue up to 20 marijuana retail licenses Monday and stores can open the next day if they’re ready. It’s not clear how many that will be.  The Liquor Control Board was overwhelmed with nearly 7,000 pot-license applications. Reviewing them —has been slow.  

LITTLE POT: 79 growers have been licensed, covering enough space for 10 football fields worth of pot.  The Board said growers don’t expect to have their first shipment ready until late summer. “Will there be shortages?” asks Randy Simmons, the board’s legal-pot project manager. “The answer to that is yes.”

NO EDIBLES: The board just announced that people who want to make pot-infused sodas, brownies or other treats must get approval for their products, and so far no one has.

People like Alison Draisin, who currently makes pot-infused brownies and other treats for medical marijuana patients will have new hoops to jump through before the general public gets a taste.  The edible-makers will have to have child-proof packaging, strict labeling and their kitchens pass a state inspection.  The board doesn’t want any gummy candies or anything that would appeal to children.