A Spokane woman had a catalytic converter stolen from her car in May. Sources say converters were a popular items for thieves. 

A catalytic converter is a device that lessens toxic pollutants in an exhaust emission. It can cost as much as $2,500 to replace. 

Employees at the service center at a Downtown Spokane Toyota dealership said it had seen six cars that had the device stolen in just more than one week. 

Downtown Spokane Toyota service manager Gary Hommel said he had seen numerous cars come into the shop without its catalytic converter. 

A stolen catalytic converter can bring around $150 to a thief. The platinum in the converter is what thieves were after, according to Hommel. 

Hommel said the best thing to do to prevent your converter from being stolen was to have a muffler shop secure it to the car’s frame. Hommel also suggested buying full coverage on your car insurance.