The City of Spokane said it was trying to encourage business investment in neighborhoods on the edge of urban blight. 

A new ordinance would establish a no parking lot required zone for neighborhood businesses across Spokane. 

The City hoped areas like the one off of Fifth and Fiske can go from almost vacant to extremely vibrant. 

The new ordinance would transform more neighborhoods in Spokane into places like the Perry District. 

Ben Lukes new right away that he wanted to put his brewery in the Perry District. 

The City hoped to turn the area near Fifth and Fiske on the South Hill into a place more like the Perry District by waiving a requirement that new businesses there have off street parking. 

The City pointed to their success in Brownes Addition and the Perry District where businesses rely heavily on a mix of neighborhood and outside patrol support. The City loosened parking lot requpirements in both of those neighborhoods. 

The City said it hopes more businesses like the Perry Street Brewery will start popping up. 

The council will begin discussions on the ordinance on March 24.