Spokane County officials are preparing for an elevated number of mosquitoes in the area.

Standing water after this week’s rain can act as a breeding ground as temperatures warm up again.

Some Washington and Idaho cities spray insecticides in the air with fog trucks or stock ponds with fish to keep the bugs at bay.

Over in Omak, city leaders said there has not been enough money to spray for mosquitoes the past three years. Residents feel the problem is out of control.


Spokane County does not have an office specifically assigned to mosquito control. The county relies heavily on ‘do-it-yourself’ pest control methods, including emptying water from containers like bird baths, pet food bowls, and flower pots at least once a week. 

Mosquitoes typically just cause red bumps and itching but mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus are always a dangerous concern. The disease spreads more quickly in warmer weather.