There is no mistaking the Seahawks fans in one Othello neighborhood.  That is because one couple has transformed their house into the ultimate tribute to the Super Bowl winning team. Yet, some neighbors said their Seahawks pride has turned into a neighborhood eyesore. 

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It is hard to miss the Seahawks fans who live on the corner of East Oak Street and 12th Avenue. 

Their house is Seahawks blue and green and features giant Seahawk eyes. 

“That was my husband's idea,” said Sharon Ensz, and my neighbor across the street thinks they're looking at them.”

Sharon Ensz and her husband, Roger, transformed their house in July when their 12th man syndrome exploded. 

“I started with a few Seahawks stuff and then I went a little crazy,” admitted Sharon.

“Some people have said it's dropped the value of the house, but we're not moving,” said Roger. “This is home. We're staying put.”

Their home features plaques, pictures, trophies and treasures also related to the Seattle football team. The couple admitted they are not done.  They plan to fill a few empty spots with more Seahawks mementos.