Claims of cruelty and neglect led SCRAPS Animal Protection Officers to take 17 animals from a Cheney home on Wednesday. 

Officers rescued two horses, one llama, eight dogs, and six cats from a property near S. Cross Road and W. Lance Hill Road. SCRAPS officers said one of the seized horses was emaciated and one was injured.   The llama was also extremely emaciated according to SCRAPS.

A veterinarian will check out the animals according to authorities. 

SCRAPS received a complaint about the animal’s care during the recent Watermellon Hill wildfire. The claim came after five horses were temporarily evacuated to the Cheney Rodeo Grounds.  SCRAPS officers said the complaint claimed that three of the horses were emaciated and not receiving proper care.  

A SCRAPS manager described the animal’s living conditions as “horrific” in a release issued Wednesday afternoon. 

“The inside of the home was covered with feces, urine, and garbage,” said SCRAPS Field Operations Manager, Nicole Montano. “The dogs and cats were living in filth and suffering from flea allergies. The outside of the property in any better condition.”